During the Great Depression, all kinds of measures were taken to help the struggling and starving middle class (the lower class always has assistance programs). But during this 14 year collapse, the GREATEST DEPRESSION, Obama has simply done nothing, lie about the numbers, and sentence millions of Americans to death or starvation, at the very least crushing poverty. He follows not a fascist policy (the fascists lifted UP the middle class) but a Oligarchic policy, wealth siphoned off for the rich, similar to the 1920s robber baron class that produced the Carnegies and Rockefellers. They seek to return to those days, and want the same starving masses of immigrants to do it.

The principal approach is made clear by statistician John Williams at shadowstats.com. They simply lie about the rate of inflation. By declaring it only 3% when it is 10%, they suddenly raise the GDP 7%. That difference produces a “growth” in gdp of 5%.

Similarly, they have to cook the books for unemployment numbers endlessly fudging them to get them to 6% when the reality is now 24% and has been horrifically bad now since 2008.

The Federal Reserve bank of New York – FONY – is the key administrator. Yet no one protests there. The entire first floor is covered in solid metal and a rumored dual machine gun nest at the door. You at this point would have to be an idiot to see that the FONY is the key enabler to this crisis.

What is exactly happening is rarely explained. What has happened is government now is given the ability to endlessly spend on any gibberish it wants. And as much of that is mindless pork for their army of politicos its all useless spending. A trillion on war. It’s all wasted money. At least china is building cheap housing and bullet trains. Our overspending goes to muck like finding out if hamsters on crutches lose more weight eating bread crumbs or KFC chicken.

All this spending is utter waste, and it removes capital (through Zirp) since now saving is a loss eaten up by inflation with nothing paid at banks. The stock market becomes the one place to put your money for a return but that is very dangerous. The big money is buying up WATER and FARMLAND around the world. Got that? THAT is the new precious. NOT STOCKS. FOOD AND WATER. What does that tell you is coming? Already California is hopelessly out of water and they call it “drought” but it’s no drought its 40 million illegals plowing intot that small state and over-drinking.

So, while the rich families who own the banks profit from sweetheart loans and usury costs at every stage, they profit even more by understanding the game that is afoot. And the sad middle class gets fat on diet soda and frozen pizza and gmo corn – all they can now afford. And they make sure that is cheap cheap cheap.

If we were to do something, the protests need to shift. Not against thugh police. But to that one building in the heart of manhatten. Once our protest is on target, then and only then, can a new political party emerge – the America First Party. And that party would simply shut down all the folly of the Oligarchs. To succeed one oligarch must be swayed. They must be convinced that our current course is utter destruction.

The fight must take place FIRST for congressional seats. Because no party will have respect to go for the presidency unless they have at least 20% of the congress. With that 20% they become a swing vote, a populace that the 2 main corrupt parties must curry favor with. And that will ultimately give the presidency power. That is why the vote today for the Libertarian or constitution party is meaningless. Also, once in power in congress they can change the laws closing the debates to just democrats and republicans.

Finally, it must come from a new party BECAUSE the republicans through kidnapping changed their rules at the last convention, and now the grass roots will have ZERO hope of pushing through a Ron Paul (not that it mattered last time, they simply threw his nomination papers on the floor and laughed, not that Americans are allowed to know that. neither do they know who Hess was locked up in England for 60 years, neither do they know about the breaking of the japanese codes and foreknowledge of pearl harbor. Americans know nothing of their real history).

So this new PRETEND recovery is not substantiated in any other way. Our energy consumption is falling dramatically – 40% since 2000. And this is the best indicator of our economy. No wonder there is a glut of oil. But they wont tell you this either. Retail sales, job participation for males, all in the gutter. Even worse, they will charge this off as a recovery, then talk of the upcoming “recession” as something new, to be endured for another ten years. America doesn’t have another ten years.

What is the time bomb? Even at ZIRP the debt is growing and our payments on it are becoming impossible. When 15 trillion doubles to 30 trillion, our deficit will be taking in 50% of our tax revenues. And that assumes they maintain zero interest rates. which they must. At that point, the increase in the debt will be exponential at a much higher rate than now. In just a few years, it will consume all our tax revenue. What to do then?

Right now, before the collapse, we can set new rules in place in congress limiting their spending. If only, freeze their spending. Then each year simply vote WHAT PERCENTAGE to fund each program. Safety net programs and social security excepted. Those need review and more fraud and abuse whittled out (no blacks should not automatically qualify for disability based on their birth iq as learning disabled, yet this is widespread). Congress should vote, each one getting to make one vote of 1% shift, between programs. Then each department should be forced before congress for review where they can vote to cancel line items. At the same time, over a period of ten years, the treasury should directly print money to pay off the existing debt. After that ten year period, a separate committee should determine revenues, and the amount that is available TO BE SPENT for the coming year. IT’s that simple. Except, its not. You see greed is always going to find a way. And as long as we have election of the rich and only the rich, there is no hope. We need a new way to elect people and the TV ad cost has made this impossible. That is another key reform that must be made.

My suggestion? Each congressional district should have a dice lottery (10 sided dice) for social security numbers. And ten candidates should all be allowed to give speeches, in TV and in public. Then that group will be voted on and whittled down to three. And again speeches and plans and voting. And not e-voting. Inky Pinky and chips for visible counting by the public. No more counting in back rooms. The president should be elected the same way, except each district gets to put one candidate forward, then a state by state run off, and then public speeches on TV and a run off down to ten, then to three. etc. If you think about how long and how much our current primary system takes, this is actually much easier.

Why throw physical dice? Well because ten candidates are chosen, any corruption in the dice would be seen. Unless its electromagnetic, so a tray that is simple should be used, which simply orders the dice into an order, and flips over to throw again. No human hands. All dice would be tested before hand by passing a magnet underneath first. and throwing it individually. At best, they could get ONE of their candidates in by cheating, the rest would be random. And then they would still have a long uphill battle to get them to win. It would be hardly worth it.

Sounds like a heck of a lot of change, well yah, but we are thick in it.

In the meantime I will enjoy my low unemployment everything is happy Obama America. Everything is fine. Get back to your TV shows and Sports games.