“We (europe) have still very high unemployment rates near the historical top. So that’s the reason why we have the divergence in monetary policies.” except of course, its not true, US unemployment is still 23-24% twice that of europe. And our monetary policies are no different. If anything US monetary policy is much worse with ZIRP and QE unlimited!  Its hard to know why the euro is falling. Its most likely fallout from the pressures in greece and italy and spain. But this fall is normal, the euro and the dollar should be roughly at parity. The run up in the euro to 1.35 was bizarre and based on the american crisis. People believe the crisis is over. Of course its not.

The sick sad truth is the crisis in America has been festering. It is the first great depression where the Media simply lied and said there was a recovery. This has never happened before. What this means is the government does NOT have to spend to help the middle class. Can cut off unemployment benefits. Because the recovery is here!

It’s a flat lie. Williams of shadow stats continues to show it as a flat line between 23 and 24% unemployed in America.

Saying there is a recovery allows them to flood the nation with 70 million illegal invaders and 250,000 H-1B scam engineers each and every year. This is nothing less than genocide against the American Republic.

Eventually it must burst. Until then millions with die of starvation. Our best and brightest will begin to flee this nation that gives not a whit about them. And America will die.