A bunch of rollypog fat women came out with some Fat Pride videos and statements against Fat Shaming. The problem is most of these women down 10 pizzas and five milkshakes a day and wash it down with a gallon of ice cream. This is the model that the fat shamers or the health advocates decry and for good reason. It’s gluttony and stupidity pure and simple. So of course when these gluttons come out and say be fat positive we say ridiculous.

So we jump in and say how unhealthy being fat is, and being fat positive is not a positive message. The truth is these sad people have not a clue how to lose the weight. And for good reason, doctors and clubs don’t know either.

We do have some idea WHY people get fat, and that is the new food supply of low nutritional value. There is also the issue of toxins in food – mercury in high fructose corn syrup, GMO foods, pesticides, and growing vegetables in depleted monoculture topsoils where they grow sowly due to fertilizers which lack many core items.

The closest we have to a clear solution is the raw low fat high carb vegan or raw till 4 solutions. But this way of eating – fruit for lunch and breakfast (and perhaps a salad with no oil dressing for dinner) is not easy to stick to when pizza summons you. As the brain is MADE of fat, it signals cravings to eat fat.

Another issue is cost. Many fat people are eating the cheapest meals. A frozen pizza is a three dollar meal. A soup made with organic vegetables can cost thirty dollars and maybe you can get four meals out of it. Cheap meats are inexpensive while pastured organic meats cost more. The cost issue is a big part of it. But not for everyone only for some.

Another issue is the psychotic mentally ill American doctors who often do horrific things to patients. My case in example, when my thyroid reacted to the fluoride in the water and the genetic mutation wheat it began to overproduce in response to the antibodies that my body was making against these other odd substances. The American Allopaths response – KILL IT KILL IT. I was promised I wouldnt get fat and that the replacement meds would be a simple thing. Except, they weren’t. I couldnt tolerate the replacement meds and have had a long hard struggle trying to find a medicine to keep me alive, and with energy. So I put on weight. Do people KNOW I have no thyroid function? No, they just scream FAT GIRL from their cars. Is this right? NO, its mean spirited. So remember when you fat shame, you never really know the whole story. Is it poverty or bad doctors or a medical condition or gluttony? In truth, its hard to be a pure glutton, but what does happen is people overeat because of two reasons, they are gulping fats in respond to stress, and they are gulping food in a dire attempt to get enough nutrition on low nutrition food.

My argument is not for a message of giving up and acceptance. Or not trying to regain health. My pantry is full of fruit and zero fat greek yogurt, no cheese, a bit of 2% organic milk, and only a rare pizza. Whole grains. In fact it’s about everything I SHOULD be doing. But I still don’t lose weight. Or very slowly.

Just stop eating they say. But study after study shows that these radical fasting diets never work. Never. More weight is always regained. The only exception is the juice fasting which still seems to be only temporary but at least loads your body with green juice nutrition.

The reason why dieting is so complex is that there are two competing systems both screwed up. The high fat has clogged the blood, clogged the cell receptors for insulin, and clogged the liver. So you should avoid fat (the high carb raw low fat vegans). But, after years of struggling your insulin system is also shot with high insulin or type 2 diabetes, as your insulin is so ineffective. If you have high insulin your body continually packs calories into cells as FAT and blocks the release of fat from the cells.

We should be doing more research into natural substances which block hunger. Most hallucinagenics block hunger in low doses – psilocybin and also Kratom. They appear to block hunger in a way that really shuts down the urge to eat, without the side effects of phen phen type synthesized drugs.

What about putting people into fat loss comas where for three or four months they are put on a high nutrition fluid and their body slowly self digests. Probably the muscle loss and difficulty of coming back from that is too much.

Point being, we do not have doctors telling people ways that succeed in losing weight (most docs are obese like the rest of us) nor do we have solutions nor do we have a way of telling who has a true medical condition before fat shaming.

The solutions we do have that seem to be working for people come down two both difficult. One is green juice fasting. Drinking juices made of organic healthy vegetables can run 20 dollars a day. Or more. Fat people should get special “green” cards to get an allotment of healthy vegetables if they wish to juice fast.

Another approach is to go very low fat and vegan. Preferably mostly raw. Eating like a rabbit sucks. But it does seem to work for just about everyone. At first, your diabetic screwed up insulin system piles on more fat from all the carbohydrates, but then after a few months the fat finally purges from your body and you begin to regain a working system. Look at president Clinton – he had to give up fatty foods after his heart problems and now hes thinner than ever.

One of the biggest issues is monoculture farming in particular grain farming. We need to switch to organic hydroponic and aquaponic smaller farms in a multi-culture model where good bacterias and nutrients develop in the soil (or fully mineralized solutions for aqua based) and develop higher quality foods. This is happening, but at a price point that is beyond most. Even better, why not develop vegetable groceries where the aquaponic veggies are still growing and alive just before you pick them for purchase. It’s all possible.

For these reasons we should be PRO HEALTH but not shame fat people. If anything, offer health tips and support. We should be doing research into these eating styles and substances for fat loss. Government should be supporting vegetable consumption not beef and corn production. The original mandate of mass production feed the masses with cheap junk grains is now over and dated. We must support the real food movement.

If you are fat, here are some guidelines:

Starvation and low calorie diets do not work

Get some movement in each day, especially find something you enjoy that gets you moving.

Working out endlessly at the gym as shown on shows like “biggest loser” does not work long term

The key to being long term thin is removing nearly all fat from your diet including all meat

You need to move from processed packaged foods and chips to fruits and vegetables, in soups or raw

Avoid heavy dairy items – ice cream, cheese

Avoid all oils including olive oil. If you must use oil, use less than a teaspoon a day and use Coconut, Palm, or Butter.

Avoid deep fried things especially chips and nachos

Try to eat organic for nutrition on a few key items – such as broccoli, spinach, and kale. These are super foods

Don’t fall for diet pills they dont work

Don’t fall for “this one food” claims. They don’t work. No Acai berries will not make you magically thin

Don’t fall for the high fat eaters – Atkins – It keeps you in a fat depositing state and you only lose weight because you get so sick of the food you eat that you eat less. Once you begin eating more again you will put it on as fat.

You don’t have to go all the way low fat raw vegan fruitarian to have positive effects as long as you keep your oil and fat intake low. The Raw till 4 movement (30bananasaday.com) is where people eat low fat cooked dinners after fruit and veggies for breakfast and lunch, and they still have good results. For dinner, pasta with a no oil sauce or a potato without added oils. Or a no oil veggie soup.

When making a soup, stuff it with good high nutrition things – kale, broccoli, spinach, beans, seaweed, etc. Blend it partially for better absorption.