Listening to ground zero radio last night I was appalled that the host seemed to think that the only solution to the muslim invasion was Nazi extermination tactics. Well first of all, the holocaust has been thoroughly debunked, at least as far as the proposed story is told. In fact, the real holocaust or death by fire was the civilians of Germany whom the Allies bombed into firestorms in cities like Hamburg and Dresden. And of course the Morgenthal plan which starved Germans after the war. But Americans know nothing of this.

The frightening horror is that the Muslim wedge is designed to specifically attack us based on our welfare handouts. They have 8.5 babies each while we have 1.2. It’s only a matter of time. What to do? Well it’s quite simple really, we need to revise our welfare program.

I propose three tiers. For those who have never worked or pay taxes, we will give you enough to barely eat a month, like the US food stamp program – $186 a month. No additionals for more children. Couples living in the same household would receive just twice that. All other programs – free housing, healthcare, everything would be withdrawn.

After a person has worked for five years, if they are an original citizen, they would be eligible for free housing. but regardless of children it would never be larger than a one bedroom.

After a person has worked for ten years, they would be eligible for full welfare assistance, free welfare, a generous food stipend, spending money, etc. And it would be based on the income that you had as average.

This would very quickly make the moslim strategy of arriving poor as an illegal or asylum seeker or child of said person and then pimp the welfare system for all its worth. In UK horror stories about of single moslim families being awarded four million dollar a month mansions because they have 16 children.

We need to make welfare support FOR THE CITIZENS who have worked and tried and struggled, not for asylum seekers. ¬†Their system, and ours in the US, needs to be changed. Why are we spending FIVE THOUSAND a month on every teen invader from Guatemala when if a US citizen is out of work and applies they need food they can’t get food stamps and are told to eat dirt. This is a government genocidal to its own people, And it only occurred after massive election rigging (see the case of Ron Paul).

We are a slave nation with fake elections and RULERS sucking up our wealth. Nothing is as it seems. And soon they will have utterly destroyed us. I propose we take Ceylon. It’s large, fertile, and defensible, and currently inhabited by savages who can be easily encouraged to leave.