When John McCain traveled to Yemen and met ISIS he declared they are “a bunch of nice guys” and money and weapons flowed to them. Now some of these ISIS guys apparently the same bunch who did the Charlie Hebdo murders, trace back to that John McCain visit and did indeed train in Yemen.

Of course, it was never the intention of the American government to hurt people in Paris. They simply wanted to overturn Assad and get the oil. But you can’t dump a jar of fire ants on a picnic blanket without people getting stung and you can arm and train islamic terrorists without someone getting shot for no reason somewhere in the civilized world.

Now we have new shootings in Copenhagen and we have to ask, was this another “friend” of John McCain and did Omar El-Hussein get the money and training and guns that the US supplied? Did they get stinger missiles from Benghazi – the raid that left our ambassador dead while the entire US army stood down?

It doesn’t matter. Football is on TV and theres some new tv shows that seem nice, theres a new iPhone and shopping season has begun. Go back to your 40 hour slavery and pay your obamacare tax. Keep moving along nothing to see here kids.