The new face of Microsoft India
The new face of Microsoft India

It was only a matter of time. What began as the purge of white engineers for negroids with fake degrees all made possible with the H-1B visa but illegal under the US Code (but never enforced) under Gates continues now with CEO Nutella with the announcement of 25,000 layoffs (25% of their work force!) all white engineers who now can be replaced by cheaper engineers from third world countries who never went to school or studied or actually know how to do the work.

“It’s showing up that matters” says Satish, newly hired for 40,000 a year on the H-1B visa. Satish will replace a programmer with 15 years experience with a degree from MIT who was paid 120,000 a year. “It’s just economics, we are smarter and cheaper” When asked about cloud computing Satish replied “Talk to ARnish after he eats Vindaloo curry and go to the bathroom, thats a cloud!” No computing cloud we respond. “Oh yesss I am learning”

“I am learning that” is a common response as they sit scared with open books, the more senior ones covering for the incoherent and incapable new arrivals from India. “It’s not just programming, but how to bathe and shower that they must be taught” says RamaGupta, who arrived years before. “Our darker skin stinks more than white skin so we must be sensitive to that we never noticed it in India”

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A group of Indian Software Engineers goes to work

With so many Indians still shitting in the streets in India it’s no wonder they don’t think they smell. Indian thrived as a small caucasian race but then they mated with Negroids much like what is happening in europe and America today, producing the dumber low ethical race of brown skins. Their caste system was supposed to prevent this in-breeding but it failed. So now Indian’s have an average IQ not much higher than Africans, around 87. Their best engineers might be as high as 100. And they are throwing 120-160IQ americans in the streets to hire these dummies? Nutella is going to fit right in.

The typical plan is to take a successful company, monopoly, city, or nation, and then the Indians will get to work and suck out the cash while producing nothing and innovating nothing. When it all falls apart they move on, like locusts.

What is the sanity of a nation that replaces 100% of its best and brightest engineers with negro engineers? Well not good. Software will crash which will cause planes and trains to crash which will cause deaths. Who is john galt?

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I am just as smart as American Engineer. Yeeezz

But for now, it’s just pure profit and big bonuses for the MBAs. The H-1B horror continues with Senator Sessions simply trying to MAINTAIN the 265,000 new ones a year, never to stop it.

Trump ran on a platform of reducing and withdrawing from this H-1B Genocide but now he and Sessions have done nothing. And the news won’t cover it. All I can say is the next time there is a war and America needs engineers I hope they all give the government the same FU that the government has given them the past 20 years.

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Microsoft workers celebrate Visnu-mas