Blacks were sold a bill of goods by Obama, but their situation remains bleak. So they riot.

Obama, a psycho marxist, leads a policy of:
endless war
massive overspending
importing drugs from afghanistan
setting up a homeland thug force police state
shredding the constitution

None of this creates jobs or addresses the lack of prosperity.

Of course he has done handouts – the 200 million set aside for detroiters. Somehow when you go into these offices staffed by blacks, and you are white, you never seem to get any help. go figure I wonder why!

We are facing the utter racial disposession of our nation in 20 short years. Already negroid births outnumver white births in the USA.

The APE-Worship sports tubes highly subsidized by forced taxation are in every bar every fast food restaurant and LOCKED onto the sports – ape worship channel.

Our high school students are FORCED to watch as dumb goons throw balls and our prettiest girls are in worship clubs calls cheerleaders. Where are the cheerleaders for our engineers and scientists? Ha those people are LOSERS. What happens to a society that thinks this?

We spend BILLIONS on new FREE sports stadiums for the Ape worship. All payed for by forced taxation. Where is the all white basketball league for the players who are shut out by the new rules that push a gangsta mentality on the court such as open traveling?

How bad are things? Well for the past SEVEN years we have had 23% unemployment (

But they simply say we are in a “recovery”

The controlled press says no different.

Now one has to ask, what is the goal of this? The goal is communism, to bring about such a state of poverty that the nation utterly collapses.

Until we call out our political leaders as monsters and traitors and lock them up as crminals this will continue.