It was shocking news to read that now both Nashville and Oklahoma City have fallen to become majority Negroid. With the flood of hispanics, the invasion of 6.2 million muslims, and endless births by welfare blacks, the fall of Oklahoma city, once the land of that famous musical, should be a horrific wake up call to all Americans that soon our country like a sinking ship will emit one last gulp of air and then go down forever.

It doesn’t have to happen. We can end the policies that reward welfare blacks for breeding like rabbits. Under current policies they struggle to get free housing unless they have four or more children. We need to make the awards you get all completely blind to the number of children you produce. Have no kids, get a small crappy one bedroom apartment. Have ten children, get a small crappy one bedroom apartment. Sound unfair? Who chose to have the children. Europanic people don’t have children when they are too poor. Under the horrible slave conditions in America today, Europanics barely breed at all.

Why have we imported six million muslims? Does this make any sense. This is not a religion this is a invasion plan. How can we be soo stupid. Solution? We need to re-classify Muslim not as a religion by as a stone age invasion plan by 12 century living primitive people. Whose ideology FAILED and left them impoverished. No freedom of religion for them, not when the Koran talks mainly about invasion and conquest and sex and marriage to six year olds. Not when we see what their so called religion does with IRAN and ISIS and Saudi Arabia whipping women in the streets. No this is not a religion this is an anti-woman sex cult.

And what about the Hispanics. One year HARD LABOR if you are caught illegally. No more patty cake and bus ride to the other side of the border where they just hop back in. We built the FEMA camps, use them. Oh wait they are for the American citizens only.

OKC is a major city to fall negro but there are others. Rochester NY is another disgrace. One by one we are being hollowed out, leaking bullet holes drain our body. These events should be shocking yet political correctness and marxism rampant in our schools and universities has many remain silent or worse applaud “Yay we destroyed the greatest nation on earth yaaay”

Do not forget for a moment that this was the JEWISH plan for America. TO negroize us. To Weaken us. It is a fact, stated in their own leaders and literature. Jews are not semitic, they are white Khazaars who adopted judiasm, a war like savage people who kept that unscrupulous savageness. Their doctrine of victimhood is destructive to all around them and the only answer is – CHANGE or GET OUT. Convincing jews that their cherished notion of suffering in the Holocaust was a lie, there were no gas chambers, no human soap, and they suffered less than many other groups certainly in numbers. And jews were driven out of Germany NOT because of racism but because they were destructive there! And now they prove they indeed are a destructive force by what they push onto America.

To fight the jews you must defeat their mechanisms. Their 2500 offices of BnaiBrith all making political contributions should be outlawed. No Four BILLION dollars in free money to Israel each year so they can turn around and buy our politicians with it. De-Fanged politically, quickly the tide would turn, and John McCain would no longer have to push for endless immigration because they have pictures of him banging goats, or whatever it is they keep to blackmail all our politicians.