My apologies Zoe, but you chose to put yourself on the TV as a news reporter, but do nothing about your hairloss or masculine face?

Granted this isn’t about you. Your decisions are personal I guess. Certainly you could afford the corrective surgeries. This is about yet again the MEDIA gloming onto (and forgive my words miss Tur) The FREAK and showcasing that to the world as the reality of trans people.

They always portray the most masculine male voiced trans people and go “see see that’s what trans is”

Why Zoe Tur does not get FFS and work on her hair loss I don’t know. If that’s how they want to live they should at least acknowledge that they are doing a lot of harm because a lot of closed minded people will see those shortcomings and declare them a freak not a success. If they weren’t doing media interviews and in the media I would never criticize them. I just worry. I worry because they still have a few strong masculine traits they are being used. And what about the voice? You skipped voice training also? Its just sloppy. And you shouldn’t be sloppy about this with so much info available today, not as a media person who does interviews and comments on Caitlin. I think being that, there is a responsibility, and that opens them up to a bit more criticism than would be correct for the average jane.

I want to like Ms Tur. But that masculine face and jaw, that receding hairline, it just all makes me cringe. And that’s a natural reaction to gender mixing. And its what the MEDIA loves, to push the freakish image.

Why don’t they have beautiful trans reporters there are many many many who would love it.

No, a freak is better for ratings.

Caitlin makes the same mistakes. With pancake thick makeup and hair extensions. Nothing real left there. But I forgive Caitlin, she is a Kardashian for gods sake! What advice she must be getting!

But I don’t forgie the networks, who continue to only showcase “the freak”

Trans people look just like normal people. At least many do. Why showcase the ones who struggle with transition and are stand outs? Because its good for ratings, but it hurts the trans community.

I sould mention Tur once dated Princess Leia – Carrie Fisher – How Cool is that. Hey I like this Tur person the more I read!

I wanted to end with this on Tur:

In 1988, Tur was credited by the Los Angeles Times with saving the lives of 54 people during a freak southern California storm in January of ’88.[12] Tur piloted a AS-350B Eurocopter helicopter through 60 knot winds, at night, to airlift stranded tourists from 22 foot seas that pounded apart their hotel, the Portofino Inn. Timing the interval of the waves, Tur and Byron Alperstein, the camera operator, made a dozen near zero visibility takeoffs and landings without losing a single victim. Both Tur and Alperstein received numerous awards for their heroism

Tur is a hero. And maybe I’m just being overly sensitive. I don’t know. I do know that with shows like trans-family we do have to be sensitive to the media’s agenda of trans person as freak. That causes a lot of hate and a lot of damage to kids. If for Tur, they never considered FFS or know about it, I’d encourage them to look at it. Certainly hair loss correction and feminization experts about who can correct the hairline for a few thousand dollars in an afternoon procedure. If for Tur it doensn’t matter, well ok. At least Tur could have put that breitbart weinie in a headlock and screamed “say your my bitch” but I guess.. thats not the feminine way.

Zoe, again, apologies. Who am I to say I’m overweight, old, hardly a perfect 20 something myself. I’m probably only more sensitive to it after reading Serrano’s “whipping Girl” over and over and realizing the media has a agenda.