Benghazi is a simple matter. Who gave the stand down order. Bring in the marines. Ask them who told them to stand down. Then bring that person into congress and ask them who authorized them to do it. It will go all the way back up to Clinton. So they don’t do it. More likely a junior general will be asked to fall on their sword and protect Hillary Clinton, but who knows what would happen the point is Congress hasn’t done it.

One begins to wonder just how much Hillary is getting the kid glove treatment by agencies that should know better.

Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo. called it “a good, old-fashioned political witch hunt,” on  Sunday morning in an appearance on ABC’s “This Week.”

Except U.S. ambassador Stevens was murdered intentionally thru a stand-down order. It’s hardly some meek witch hunt.

“I have no doubt in my mind that this thing was penetrated by multiple foreign powers, to assume otherwise is to put blinders on,” said Bob Gourley, the chief technology officer at the Defense Intelligence Agency from 2005 to 2008

When Sandy Berger went to the national archive and made a copy of some classified documents and took them out with him it was a serious breach, but no one died because of it as far as we know. Berger had to plea bargin down to a mis-demeanor and accept a three year suspension of his clearance. One wonders if one can possibly sit as president without one? So if Clinton took the same deal, she wouldn’t be able to function as president. That means her entire candidacy is in jeopardy.

So one wonders why has congress and the FBI subpoenaed the mail server only to receive on that had been professionally wiped clean by writing and re-writing ones and zeros over every sector of the drive five to ten times. That’s standard procedure for a secret level wipe, sometimes for higher grades they have to physically smash the hard drive. But the point is this shouldn’t have happened at all, it’s the wrong agencies doing this.

What should happen in a probably top secret breach is DIS (Defense Investigative Service) should have sent out the goon squad immediately and demanded the server from Clinton, and gotten a judges order to turn it over in an hour. A top secret breach is a very serious thing, former secretary of state or not. And time is of the essence. People in the field could die based on hours or minutes. So this is no small matter and there are strict and set procedures for managing this kind of thing. So the question is, where was DIS on this one? Why did Clinton get weeks upon weeks of time to wipe her server?

Answer – the Clinton power machine got the kid glove treatment from fellow democrat Obama’s administration. An ambassador was murdered, intentionally killed.  Is all we can hope to get is the answer “What difference does it make?”