Rand Paul’s silence on immigration has already cost him the election. Without standing toe to toe with Trump, no one cares about Rand anymore. And that’s a shame because Paul has a lot of good like his support for the bill of rights.

The thing is, Trump’s immigration stance is awkward, unclear, and the wall may not be the best way. Remove the incentives remove birthright citizenship and make the penalties fierce. We don’t have to build the wall. Unless it does help us with monitoring. Walls always get tunnels dug under. And walls can keep people in as well as out.

The days for Rand to respond and step up and seem strong, to overcome the “wuss” factor are few. He has a week at best to come out swinging. If not, all eyes fall to Trump. its that simple.

Rand can come out with an economic and jobs plan. that would one up Trump, at the same time be anti-war and anti-torture, and reign in our budget. Add a strong immigration plan and a way to stop the invaders and Rand would have the winning hand. Enough to get us to a debate.

As it is, there is only Ramos standing up to Trump. Ugh what a joke.