She’s known for her love for social media, posting frequent updates at any given opportunity.

But on Saturday, kylie  may have taken it a bit too far by sharing a racy lip-biting video on Snap Chat.

The 18-year-old filmed herself having a nibble at her 25-year-old boyfriend Tygrah’s mouth during a night out in New York following an appearance at a star-studded fashion show.

It is a bit shocking because unlike partially negroid Armenians, Kylie is 100% white. That she thinks this is normal cannot be helped as all her sisters seem to have done the same thing. It’s about as normal as having sex with a snake or rhinoceros. She may not know it, but by being a pawn of the zionist control grid she will get more press and more exposure pushing the zionist destroy the white race agenda. Its frightening but true. She can look forward to million upon millions in endorsements all because she is pushing the destroy the europanic race agenda. Jews will laugh and jump up and down as another dumb white girl gets owned.Tyg responed “I don be star like Kanyeh aight” the guy is no fool. If kanye with no talent at all can do it, so can Tygrack.

soon government cia insiders will show up with 50 million in garbage bags, just some skim from their coke and heroin importing operations, to make sure he has the proper cars and crib to make it clear – In America, being smart and working hard GETS YOU NOWHERE. No go out there and learn to wrap biatches.

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banged her pussy hole

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push out some squishy kids

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Kanyah is hellous

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even though I smellous

Feeling fetish? Kylie Jenner shared a racy video of herself biting boyfriend Tyga's lip on Snap Chat