Clicking a drudge link on Trump’s decision to actually enforce our immigration law, I was shocked to find a complete propaganda pro-invasion piece. CNN’s January 28, 2017 article – Trump’s executive orders dramatically expand power of immigration officers – is a shocking piece of liberal vomit worthy only in illustrating the psychotic leftist mindset that is CNN.

First the progressive insurance ad, which I did not click on or look at started FARTING at me. I kid you not. Trying to disable it took some time.

Then I read the article. It was shocking. “… there’s nothing in the current order that makes that clear. It places a violent criminal at the same level as a parent of US citizen children who works and contributes to their community, said Washington University law professor Stephen Legomsky.”

The horror the horror. First of all children of invaders are NOT citizens that is a misinterpretation of the 14th amendment and the sooner there is a executive order from Trump to change that the better. France did away with birthright citizenship in the 1960s. Make all social security numbers granted for the past 15 years require one parent to be a citizen or it will be revoked and all benefit agencies notified to remove that person from their freebie rolls.

It gets worse. “But a former acting ICE director under Obama says that the new enforcement priorities risk overwhelming an already stressed system and makes it more difficult for individual officers.”

Who. Isn’t there a journalistic level of integrity to actually name sources? If they are former they don’t even have job security issues to make a statement so why is the source hidden. Maybe CNN just made that up it’s clearly nonsense and Trump is already adding 10,000 new officers. So what’s the issue?

“(John) Sandweg said ICE data shows that only a few hundred thousand individuals can be removed per year, and that immigration judges and detention facilities are already overwhelmed by cases.”

Only? How many did Obama actually remove 30? And he just put them on the other side of the Rio Grande and they just stepped across again the next day. No no no, we need to repatriate them back by BOAT to the farthest reaches of their country, not to the border.

Is America a country that at any challenge in history said ONLY? Did we say we can only kill 100 Germans so why bother entering WWII? Did we say a rocket can only go 100 miles so we can never get to the moon? This “Only” thinking is typical of the communist leftist insanity that has destroyed our christian Europanic nation (90% Europanic in 1960, 49% today).

The article gets worse. “Heidi Altman, director of policy at the pro-immigrant National Immigrant Justice Center, said the order would allow “immigration officials to target undocumented people on the basis of their whims in that moment. She argues that’s problematic because it contradicts principles of the criminal justice system, including the presumption of innocence.”

Wait a minute, there IS no presumption of innocence, these are criminal invaders who entered illegally, forged documents under oath (perjury) and are working illegally as well. They are criminals at the starting gate, what presumption of innocence is there? Furthermore, they are not citizens, so they do not qualify for “innocent until proven guilty” this is a war. Do our tanks need a trial before shooting an enemy to find them guilty first? HECK NO!

It goes on. “if the implementation of the law results in racial profiling, for example, critics could have grounds to challenge.”

Why! Isn’t racial profiling the whole point of airport security and city security? Again they are attributing rights of citizens onto people WHO ARE NOT LEGAL TO BE HERE AND HAVE NO RIGHTS. At best they should be afforded no more than prisoners of war and the Geneva convention but really they are lower than even that!

Their legal expert Von Spakovsky agrees but they have to twist his words – “Ultimately, von Spakovsky says that activists who fear the persecution of contributing members of society for being undocumented are ignoring the fact that illegal immigration is against the law.”  What the heck? Contributing members of society? How about goddamn criminals. And while we’re at it, that forged social security card and that signature on the W-4 oath are both punishable by 2 years in prison for perjury and document forgery, so lets make sure they get their 4 years hard labor before they get a ride across the border.

CNN is a disgusting communist anti-American organization that should be shut down by the FCC.