Why on earth are we bringing negroid immigrants into this country from the middle east (and why is Europe doing the same) when Saudi Arabia sits on ONE MILLION air conditioned tents ready to provide housing for ALL the refugees from the middle east?

What about Quatar, UAE, Israel, Quwait? where are they in taking in immigrant refugees? What about Jordan, Iran? None. Zero. They took in Zero? What about Turkey? None?

Why does it fall on the US and Europe to take in 40 year old Nigerians and Somalians and put them in our high schools as 14 year old men to molest our 13 year old girls? Why?

The sad sick truth – they are NOT refugees from the syrian war, they are blacks being blacks playing GIBESMEDAT and get on the welfare train. It is so egregious that not even the full on handout system of FRANCE will suffice. Hence the Calais jungle and immigrants desperate to get to Britain where they can live in 2 million dollar mansions and receive thousands of dollars a month to snort cocaine with.

This is why Trump’s vetting is so important. It goes something like this. j

“I don’es be dah refugee from Syria. I dones be 14 years old, give me yah wimmen and free housing”

“Uhm our tests show you to be a 40 year old man, married with 16 children in Nigeria. What city in Syria are you from”

“I bees from the city of Syria”

“OK fine, right on through sir, enjoy the free housing and thousand dollar checks each week while our homeless veterans starve in the streets”

“OH I wants tuh be in dah high school wid day 13 year old girls please”

“Why yes of course! We hear they like to date 14 year old football players”

In England they are so daft they even recognize men married to 15 women for welfare handouts. America isn’t far behind.