Trump continues to ignore the 20 year genocide of american software engineers, forced to try to find jobs competing with 8 million Indians with fake degrees, fake resumes, tax evasion, and 350,000 of them brought in each year on the H-1B visa.

These are not “rare skills” these are room temperature IQ junior programmers who can barely tie their shoes. They undercut and drive down wages for american engineers so much so Americans are fleeing these professions in droves, which will be a death sentence for our nation.

The solution? Add a 80,000 per year fee to companies wishing to use the visa. If the skills are truly rare, even if they use fake salaries and pay them only 60k a year, the 80k fee will make it sting enough that they won’t be able to continue using it to throw americans in the streets and get their million dollar bonus for “cost cutting”. Screw these sick MBAs.

The other solution? BAN all body shopping, or bringing in these H-1B workers then contracting them out to other companies. This is beyond belief. What an utter lie how can they be rare skilled when they are not even brought in to a company which will use them.

The H-1B visa holders themselves are abused and overworked. Its a bad deal for everyone.

So why isn’t Trump doing anything? Ask Sessions about the abuse he knows very well how devestating this has been.

Does America really think it can survive throwing its best and brightest into the streets?

And another thing, this IS NOT AFFIRMATIVE ACTION yet many companies use these to say “see we hire minorities” these people have never been in America and have never been discriminated.

Come on Trump, stop the GENOCIDE! ITS FRIGGING GENOCIDE! Do you really think America will survive by driving all our students away from studying science? Is that REALLY the policy you want to support? WE NEED THIS DONE NOW!

He has made his position clear, now we need the action!

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