Remittances to Mexico hit 27 billion dollars in 2016. That means a 10% “security fee” on all remittances from America to Mexico would provide over 4 years plenty of funds for building the wall. Be sure to add the money congress appropriated ALREADY in 2006 for building a wall and there is simply no issue with funding.

What are other possible sources? Place a security fee on our trade imports from Mexico. By calling it a security fee of 5%, it would easily bring in billions of dollars to pay for the wall, and Trump keeps his campaign promise that Mexico will pay for it.

Finally, the nuclear option – Trump can ban all remittances to Mexico altogether. This alon with an executive order to banks that they must verify legal status FOR ALL ACCOUNTS or they face getting closed down (not the branch, the entire bank!). Trust me, in no time at all there would be no bank accounts.

Now that isn’t to say Mexican’s wont adapt, perhaps they will use the Moslem non-banking transfer approach and skirt formal transfers. But it will take time and in the meantime several billion would be collected.

The next question is what kind of wall? The best wall would be a DOUBLE WALL with a no mans land in the middle. And a shoot to kill order if you are in the middle. On the inner US side wall, a two way motorcycle track would be built between 1 mile apart guard towers. If any sensor goes off, they can get there in less than sixty seconds. With rifles.

Guard towers would provide a view as well as night vision and infrared cameras, and readings from sensors. Two guards per towers with checkins every ten minutes to a local station just in case an all out attack occurs.

Deep sensors into the ground would detect tunneling.

Finally we need to make it beautiful. Make it look medieval like Carcasonne France. Put American flag poles on top.

The next question is how high does the wall need to be. the 30′ high Israeli wall is clearly too easy to get a ladder for. It would need to be 50′ high to make ladders so unstable that few would risk it. Remember they would need to also carry the ladder over to the second wall, a difficult operation that takes time. And then descend and return up the other side. Could they do it and get one or two people across before alarms went off and guards converged on them? Sure. But they would get intercepted easily.

Finally, policies that remove benefits from invaders is key, no free hospital births, no recognition of kids as citizens, no welfare or disability or section 8 assistance. There would still be state programs. And Trump is right to remove as much federal funding as possible from these states and put more bankruptcy pressure on them.

Finally lets talk staffing the wall. It needs to be staffed by military not ICE. Where would the troops come from? We need to recall at least half our troops from South Korea, Japan, Germany, etc.   Because we also need a network of guard stations on the northern border, more coast guard ships, and more people at airports.

We have to look at invasion by the airports and visa overstay as well. this is a much harder nut to crack. We would have to pass a law requiring proof of funds to get a entry visa. This at least would allow working businesspeople and real tourists to come. It won’t be perfect, but it would weed out the indigent who flood in for handouts. Mexico is actually a lovely place with wonderful jobs – look at Playa del Carmen. There is really no reason for people to come here except that pay is lower in Mexico, but so is housing and food costs. So we should set up a one year working visa for Mexican. After the visa expires they would have to return for six months before being granted it again. It would ensure they keep their ties to Mexico and residency in Mexico. It would make sneaking in seem silly when there is a path to come here. But come here in a regulated way. But what if they just dissappear into a sanctuary city forever? That would be monitored and that becomes a problem the program would be canceled. Finally before entry they would have to attend a class which discussed rape, drunk driving, crime and showed how horrific our jails are. It isn’t clear if they have any ability to control these urges, but driving these points home would be key. Another leverage tool would be to block their ability to use bank networks to transfer money to Mexico if they go awol. A monthly check in program would be managed also to make sure they were under fair labor, who they were working for, wages and taxes, etc.

These three steps together, a double wall with guards, removing benefits, and setting up a one year closely monitored worker program with “how to be in the USA” training classes, would be a solution. Then, if they still want to come to America, they can begin the legal process.

The wall and the announcement of this Tri-Fecta of programs will immediately send a message. In truth, people are looking for quick easy money. This will make it so much harder most won’t bother with it from the first day wall construction is begun.