When we talk about welfare reform, we must also consider disability reform. Because disability is forever payola unlike welfare which begins to force people to stop eating cheetos. States also screen welfare bums for disability because disability is paid 100% federally. Except that the SSDI fund is now BROKE and payments are skyrocketing to support the 60% of the workforce that doesn’t work and instead wants to be social justice warriors.

These systems reward having children. SSDI even has the concept of paying for disabled children, which as children don’t work, makes no sense whatsoever.

The millions of throngs of cheaters applying makes real disabled people getting disability quite near impossible, and then the amount of the money they get is meager.

We need to change these programs so they do not promote dysgenic evolution of our society. We need to reward hard work and penalize lazyness. Encourage our best and brightest to have lots of children and give absolutely no reward for women who cant take care of themselves to have 15 children – “Somebody’s needs to pay for all my children. Somebody’s needs to be held accountable and they need to pay” – Angel Adams. Adams had received free rent, furniture, all utility bills paid, and over $1000 a month cash.

Instead both these programs should be based on how much you have earned and how many years you have worked.  Sterilization programs for people who already have two children should be one of the conditions or benefits will be cut further.

So if you’ve never worked and never paid taxes, what you get should be minimal. And not increased per child. A lot of these women have their children act insane and then get an extra 1000 a month for “disability” Others have their children lisp, which is enough to qualify for payola. All of this has to end. And what also has to end is for people who have worked 20 and 30 years and paid millions in taxes, if they find themselves in need they should get much more assistance, ten times what the basic rate is.

None of this is politically correct. Well choose, death of our society or not.

Black population has boomed, from 8 to 13% of population but actually because of the huge influx of 50 million Hispanics, the real black growth is closer to 15% a near doubling. What will we do and where will we get the money when they double again? All programs are exhausted.

Hispanics play a particularly cute scam, denying they are married and going on the dole while the husband works for cash in construction or yard work.

And much of this is linked to our mis-interpretation of the 14th amendment, something that has never come up to the supreme court. Hispanic invaders were never “under the jurisdiction of” the United States, their children are not US citizens. But they file anyways and get handout after handout.

The social justice warriors complain that everything should be free and we are a rich country. Except that our deficit and liabilities reach 60 trillion now. Some estimate it at 200 trillion. And the zero interest rates have stolen the savings from  a whole generation of Americans. America is literally moving all its wealth from an overtaxed hard working middle class of Europanic citizens to lethargic slug people.

The trick is what can Trump actually do. Issuing a executive order on the 14th amendment and requesting social security to do a 15 year review of all applications requiring one parent to be a US citizen would be a good first step. Then notifying all benefit programs if they are in fact non-citizens.

Freeze COLA on these existing programs indefinately and terminate section 8 housing. It will be politically too hard to revoke the current programs. But add an additional program for those who have worked hard and paid in, to give them easy access to short term help when unemployed or disabled.

Finally, have ICE hire 10,000 investigators to do spot monitoring for people who claim to be single, or disabled and document video evidence before filing to repeal benefits.

And for states like California which run up 400 billion dollar deficits by giving away money in ridiculous programs to invaders (like the “babysitting” program) it’s time for tough love. California is difficult because it has such an enormous tax base there is a huge pool of money for invaders and cheaters. One way to put some pressure on them is to have bond ratings agencies rate them as JUNK status. This will massively increase their borrowing costs. And prune back the federal programs – let California pays for its section 8 handouts. The notion that poor people should live in the same houses and apartments as hard working people is utterly ridiculous. They should get a studio room, with bunk-cots for their many children, like a submarine quarters. A small 400 square foot studio should suffice for the first 800 children. Cruel? What are these people doing having children when destitute Europanic Americas child RESTRICT because of the high taxation. Why are they the only ones to suffer? The entire section 8 program is a tool to break into non-negroid suburbs and flood them with criminal and violent people destroying the property values of the workers. This has to end. But as we grow our negroid population, we will eventually drown in negroid peoples and then our nation will cease to exist. This is not the time for soft hugs and charity.

America had periods of high immigration but it is NOT a immigrant nation. It was founded by Europanic settlers, and later Europanic peoples became Americans. Shifting our immigration through invasion and visa overstay and refugees from Africa is madness and needs to be not only stopped but reversed. A point system on immigrants like Canada is a good first step. Can they speak english at the college level? Do they have a degree and occupation? Will they contribute to society. The end of GibsmeDat! is the only hope for this nation. The alternative is complete collapse, something social justice snowflakes are incapable of understanding.