Today Donald Trump took the momentous step to return banks to solvency and stop backs from gambling in the stock and derivatives market by re-instating Glass Stegall. Err wait. What? He rolled back Dodd-Frank not Glass Stegall? What? Wait WHAT THE F-K!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is Dodd Frank? Well for one it stops brokers from cheating retirees out of their money by making trades they know are not in the interest of their client or trading just to get commissions. But more importantly, there is a provision in Dodd-Frank – The CEO must SIGN and VERIFY their financial filings. PUT HIS SIGNATURE TO IT. Well the financial people don’t like that because that means if he is cheating then he can just claim ignormace. Think ENRON and california electricity prices!

Dodd-Frank isn’t like repealing a regulation. They may call it that but it isn’t. The key point of Dodd-Frank is that it forces the CEO to take responsibility for his corporation he can’t just argue that he didn’t know what was going on. It makes it HIS responsibility to review the books for shenanigans before signing his name to it. THAT is what is repealed with the end of Dodd-Frank.

What does this mean. It means Trump has been compromised. He has been HOOD WINKED! And it hasn’t taken very long. He is listening to WALL STREET and not MAIN STREET. And that is sickening.

Have we lost el Trumpo? Golden Eagle? in only 2 weeks to the power brokers? Sure seems like it.

How could you Trump. How could you.