In Iran and Egypt the lines are huge at the airports as terrorists scrambled to get into the United states.

“Did we pack the suicide vests Pramathi?” asked one dark robed Muslim.

“Of course we did sweetie” said his burka covered head to toe wife as she peered through tiny slits in her black hood.

“But there’s no dynamite!” he yelled.

“No of course not, we have to get that after we land in Baltimore” laughed his wife.

It was like that all over the airports of the muslim world as refugees screaming “JIHAD” and “DEATH TO AMERICA” boarded planes to take advantage of the temporary lifting of Trumps travel ban.

“I’m sorry sir, you cannot bring head chopping swords onto the plane” said a woman at the United gate.

“But I need it!” protested the Jihadi.

“Oh don’t worry, we can gate check it! But you’ll have to pay extra for additional baggage”

“Oh the fees the fees. Travel isn’t what it used to be” said Ublathi Kranamusti

In Afghanistan things were even more out of control as Pashtun rebels tried to board with AK-47s. “No goats on the plane” sighed an exhausted Qatar airlines worker. “This isn’t a goat, this is my WIFE!”

Justice Robarts smiled happy to pass an insane injunction which would get hundreds perhaps thousands of Americans killed and foster jihad and Moslem takeover.

“It’s their right to Jihad, freedom of religion” said the Justice.

“Isn’t that dangerous for America, to turn us into a Moslem nation. Haven’t the attacks in France taught us anything”

“No, it’s love, its how they show love” chuckled Robarts.  “And besides, whats a few head choppings, Americans need to lose the weight!”

Trump is rumored to issue an executive order Monday extending the travel ban to ONE YEAR in outrage. We can only hope. If they put an injunction on that, issue a FIVE YEAR BAN. It should also include the leading exporter and supporter of terrorism – Saudi Arabia.

Department of Justice lawyers must wait for the court to make their ruling either to pause the temporary halt or to cancel it outright. However, it was not clear if this would happen Saturday night or take several days.

Until a ruling on the appeal is delivered, airlines have been allowing previously barred foreigners to board U.S bound flights and the State Department has reinstated visas.

Trump said Judge James Robart’s ruling was a ‘terrible decision’ and the country was opened up again to ‘terrorists’ in a tweet posted hours after Homeland Security announced it would no longer enforce his executive order.

Note: This article is SATIRE. The statements are fictional. If you didn’t know that you are an imbecile. The terrorist threat to America is however quite real as is the fact that terrorists are now allowed to stream into America.