The superbowl is the culmination of racist sports. I wont participate. 67% of players are blacks due to racist hiring practices that discriminate against whites that go back to high schools.

Blacks mature faster and younger than whites because our million year divergent path of evolution blacks maintain a R reproductive strategy – reproduce many offspring, let them mature quickly, but don’t take care of your children. Whites are just the opposite, produce few offspring, they mature more slowly, but develop into the highest IQ strongest people on earth.

Because of this slower rate of reproduction, there is a point just after white puberty where whites are behind in muscular and agility development than blacks. And this is where blacks get the junior varsity and varsity positions on sports team, where they THEN get all the training and investment in their skills.

Only in mostly white schools do whites have a chance to get on the varsity teams in numbers. Which is what leads to the slightly whiter New England Patriots, who go on to WIN.

But the sad sick truth, is a lot of the white athletes by the time they reach their second year of college at 19 have finished their maturation and out athlete the blacks. But they are six years behind in training. This is the phenom of the great amateur football players who are all white guys but can’t get on the team. Looked over and passed by.

Basketball is even worse, with the new rules (which the refs looked the other way on but only for negro players) which allow travelling and racing to the hoop as a solitary player has made basketball unwatchable. It is now solidly nothing but negro worship and the great games of the 80s and 90s and great teams like the Celtics are finished. Why did these laws change. Why did they alter the rules and make it less of a team sport and more of an aggressive sport? Because that gives a “superstar” their high scoring numbers and make for television ratings and hero worship. What was wrong with the way Ewing did it certainly they had support.

So how long until whites just turn it off. One technique is that black players now wear white arm sleeves so that from TV they appear white.  But ultimately, even if you love the sport, can you really stomach the endless negro worship? The NFL is unique because the quarterbacks are mostly white so that keeps whites involved. But that’s just a fraction as 67% are black players.  And the coaches and those that hire are racist racist racist. Running backs and receivers – they won’t even consider whites even when their college records are much more impressive. It’s systemic racism.

Time to move on. I didn’t watch the super-bowl, uhm I mean Negro-Ball. And neither should you. As long as they can fill stadiums with negro worshipers, they wont change.

Another reason whites worship negros is that they are getting tens of millions of dollars a year in salaries. This all comes from the tax payers who build their trillion dollar stadiums. Why do we give handouts to billionaire team owners. We let our poor starve but spend trillions to help our a struggling billionaire? No we do it because it is a dark government policy to re-make america as a negroid country so that we are easily controlled and stupid. To support this agenda, they flood us with negroid immigrants, but also, create negroid HEROS for negro worship so they all get millions in salary. But whites also get big salaries you counter. Yes. But it’s about promoting negro superstars. They do the same in music, secretly handing hundreds of millions of dollars to stations and tv channels to promote “RAP” and this money trickles down to the Rappists and they get millions also.