“The reality of the difficulty of getting things done is sinking in,” Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader, laughing at Mr. Trump and Republicans in Congress. “It’s an act of cowardice by cowards” said democrat Pelosi the Hag in Chief. Lindsey Graham nodded “yeah yeah yeah” as a goat fucked him up the ass.

That reality was echoed by Paul Ryan, snake in chief. Speaker Paul D. Ryan insisted that Republicans believed it was their duty to “step in front of this crash and rescue people from this collapsing health care system and replace it with something better.”

Snakes outside and snakes inside. You knew I was a snake when you took me in.

Here is our trump scorecard:

Repeal Obamacare – FAIL

Repeal the H-1B – FAIL

Criminalize Illegal Entry – FAIL

Ban benefits to Illegals and Block the MisInterpretation of the 14th Amendment – FAIL

Lower Taxes – FAIL

Lower Spending – FAIL

Investigate Hillary – FAIL

Instead, what Trump has been doing is telling every agency what a great job they have been doing. Maybe he’s waiting for his cabinet to get in place? For his supreme justice to get in place. That would be smart. Let’s hope he has piles of executive orders, FIFTY OF THEM just waiting for that day and it will be a blitzkrieg.

Trump’s executive order on Obamacare just asks agencies to “lessen the pain” it does NOT direct the IRS to stop charging penalties, something he could demand.

So in the end, Trump looks like he will be just one more big failure. What he is doing is going on and on about how much he is going to spend on our military. Wait a second, I thought we added a TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT last year. That means we need to cut a trillion from our 4 trillion budget! And entitlements and handouts for blacks and hispanics cannot be cut! That leaves the military budget being the big candidate for a haircut.

The feeling that we have been duped is starting to hit. Meanwhile Antifa bangs little girls over the heads with 8 foot poles and we do nothing. The left is laughing at us. A fully negroid nation at any cost, that is the democratic policy. And it is a jewish policy. And for some reason it is also the policy of the oligarchs. Who seem to be firmly in control at this point. Lindsey “fuck me up the ass harder” Graham just submitted a proposal to extend Dreamer status for 3 more years, and this covers illegals up to the age of 50. (they claim to be 30).

Yes, we know he needs to get legislation through congress. He doesn’t know how to write it. So he turns to Paul Ryan? Maybe his Generals know how to write it? Maybe Tillerson does? It’s endgame. The wagons and circled and surrounded and the ammo is running low.

In the end, the H-1B fucking is the most insidious of all. Replacing our hard working best and brightest engineers with scumbags with fake degrees from India has got to be the most anti-white program ever conceived or allowed by any nation on earth except perhaps the jewish starvation of 80 million in Ukraine. I mean the holocaust. I mean the holohoax. cough cough cough. Wait lets kill the armenians as well.

We call Hitler bad? Hitler fed his starving people and got them working within three months of taking office. Let’s see Trump match that. People are not starting to file their taxes and pay their $5000 You’re White Sukah Obama care penalties.

And another thing, where is the national competition for the border wall design? A four foot wall isn’t going to cut it! Why isn’t the army on the border RIGHT NOW. Pull them OUT Of Germany, Japan, South Korea. And put them on our goddamn border north and south immediately. With shoot to kill orders. Crossing our borders illegally should NEVER be a misdemeaner it should be jail time. Trump fiddles and America burns. The longer he waits the more he will get stuck in Paul Ryan Concrete. Lindsey Graham takes another 8 year old boy up the ass. McCain laughs. 100 million more for Isis he laughs. Ha ha ha ha. America as a nation is utterly utterly destroyed.

Clearly the federal judges attacking back on his immigration ban has unsettled him. He needs our supreme court pick to get in. We understand that. Maybe they can “Alioto” Kagan or Sotomayor while at it pillows are cheap. No, we can never resort to what the left does, we can never stoop to anything immoral. Gosh no. If we don’t hear Hillary getting hauled in in chains or see a wall being built and illegals arrested in chains or some of these 50 year old dreamers put on barges back to africa or California defunded and soon Trump is going to see a seriously pissed off people the likes of which will make the pussy march seem like pussies.

We wait. Oh sorry, we replaced you with Kanesha he’s got a 40 IQ. We fume. Here’s your 5,000 dollar Obamacare fee. We clench our fingers. It is time running out. If they can’t write a replacement to Obamacare in five days, they shouldn’t be in power.