Mike Carlson, a 32-year-old student from Antioch, Tennessee, said that as an overweight man, he depended on Obamacare to stay alive.
“I have to have coverage to make sure I don’t die. There are people now who have cancer that have that coverage, that have to have that coverage to make sure they don’t die,” Carlson said. “And you want to take away this coverage — and have nothing to replace it with! How can I trust you to do anything that’s in our interest at all?”
Why do I worry this guy is a “lifetime student” living off the backs of taxpayers. What a disgusting ugly horrible excuse for a human. If you have to make sure you have that coverage, how about… wait for it… GET A JOB!
When I went to school (graduating at 21 thank you very much, like a normal person, then grad school) I had no food to eat, no medical care whatsoever. And you know what, we toughed it out, we made due. When my wisdom teeth began impacting and coming in, I just suffered it. Did I die? No. Will Mr. Carlson die from a diet of fewer cheetos? I doubt it.