In a shocking news report, teachers were riding busses home with students to make sure their parents hadn’t been deported.

This is utter nonsense, why aren’t we deporting the illegal children as well?

The 14th amendment does not and has never conferred citizenship on illegal invaders. pus

All these “children” are in the country illegally. Born here or NOT. Unless you have one citizen parent you are not a citizen. PERIOD.

It was the same in a story about NYC – “The raids took place on February 2, February 3, February 5 and February 8, according to speakers on the press call. All five individuals taken by ICE officers were male, and four of them have children who are U.S. citizens, the group reported.”

NO, they F-ing AREN’T !

The children are not U.S. Citizens any more than I am a Mexican citizen because I sometimes eat nachos!

Keep the families together I say, ONE BIG HAPPY CRIME FAMILY, on the MEHICO side of the wall.

Trump needs to issue an executive “clarification” and make sure that going back 40 years we revoke these falsified citizenship documents. Yes it will be a shock. Yes they will cry. Yes the leftists will wear pussy hats.

Do you really want Houston and the rest of America becoming majority negroid? Because it’s already happened in Houston if you look at the births. The only way to stop the American civilization to fall is to revoke this permanently. It’s not even right to call it a revocation because it NEVER EXISTED.

This is the single most important thing that Trump must do. Without it, we will be a negroid nation. One only has to look at Detroit to see our future. Or Niggeria.