With public toilets a stone’s throw away, Africans still prefer to poop on the beach

“Teh beach it is for Pooping. Pooping. Everybuhdy Poops here” said a african man.

“What about the new toilets the government has installed”

“Nah we don’t like the porcelin it is cold. We need the fresh air our poop is very stinky”

So the beaches of Africa which should be a paradise are instead a dangerous stink zone. Miles away the brown air wafts off and over, wafting into the town providing everything with a spoiled meaty smell.

“DIS is AFRICA! DIS is DE WAY!” screamed one man violently as he pinched off a massive foot long loaf. It just sat there on the beach like a dying fish. Amongst all the other poop stains. It would not be lonely.