They send out a distress signal then give the rubber raft a push towards Italy. Then hurry back to launch the next boat 30 minutes later.

I have a better solution. Tow it back to Libya! Why on earth are they towing them all the way to Italy! It makes no sense whatsoever! They need to begin processing them ON SHIP to see the validity of asylum requests, document who they are, and then toss the lot of them back to Libya.

An Afghanistani is NOT a Syrian war refugee. A Congolese is NOT a Syrian war refugee.

“They have no documents and claim to be from Syria” Ok fine, how about a oral exam with 100 questions about Syria then. Of course, they would start pidging them for it eventually but for the first few boats it would demonstrate that they are NOT from Syria. And that LIE needs to be exposed.

We fed the pidgeons, err I mean Africans, and their population soared from 200 million to 1.2 BILLION in just a few years. Now since they don’t build civilizations and are a simple farming population that shits in the streets, they were never meant to be a 1 BILLION population people. We have to stop feeding, sheltering, and clothing Africans. Immediately. If not, next decade it will be FOUR BILLION Africans struggling to make it to Europe.

They are not going to Europe to fit in and work hard. No, they are going there to get on Welfare and form separate societies with plans to TAKE OVER.

Madness. If I were in the ocean I’d use my 12 gauge to good effect on those rubber rafts, then I’d point my finger and go “Libya, thataway. Start swimming its only 10 miles” and throw in some life rings in the water. And sail off. The cost of 50 life rings might seem a lot, but consider the cost of building mansions for each of these, feeding them for 60 years, and their 20 children each, and you’ve easily got millions of dollars you’ve just saved Italy for the cost of 50 life rings. I think that just makes sense.