In a shocking disloyal move, Mattis spoke in Belgium today declaring that the Russians were involved in election hacking.

Defense Sec Mattis contradicts Trump, says there is “no doubt” Russia tried to hack elections. Promises no military collaboration w/ Russia

Trump needs to get Flynn back and discharge Mattis. The warmongers who want to fight russia have completely bamboozled Trump. Where is our cutting of the military budget now that we push a TRILLION dollars in debt a year? Trump just keeps saying more military spending. And the war hawks keep saying Russia is Evil.

This is madness. Russia is about the last white christian nation. We need them as our number 1 ally in the fight against the groid crawl into our lands and Europe. We need to take in christian and south african white refugees and turn back the Nigghruz. We need to de-niggardly our cities and move them into northern Main and North Dakota. How many of our cities and even states need to fall to the black plague?

Mattis is out of his mind. He needs to go. But we need Flynn back. Trump should say it was all a test to round up leakers and in fact Flynn was never released! Just do that golden cheeto and then you can toss Mattis OR get him on track. This anti-russia anti-white platform is NOT the path forward and neither is a US military build up. We need to cut the military budget in half AND cut the disibility handouts in half (much harder but we can do it if we seek out fraud, set up new review panels for everyone, and get the adult baby and octomom’s lisping child OFF the payola!).

Otherwise, we fail and our nation dies. Think we can run a trillion dollar deficit year after year? Think again.

And how can we cut taxes when we are a trillion behind each year. That makes no sense. But the middle class desperately needs its TARP bailout. Where is it’s 3 trillion bailout? You gave the blacks each 200k with Pigford free money. You gave the same to Hispanics. But whites get nothing? Fuck this government Fuck this anti-white pro negroid nation. NO action on the H-1B yet either. So they just keep on the genocide of white workers. Fuck them. People are going to start leaving. If trump doesn’t fix things, people are going to say fuck this place in big numbers, the best and brightest will start finding better deals in other nations.