Obama has set up a strategic bunker to lead to OFA, The Obama Fascist Army, an institution he transformed into a 501c4 in 2012 after the election. The reason for doing this, is that as a c4 organization, he does not have to report the Soros funding he has received. All donors are secret. With that money he can hire paid Antifa radicals and also bus in thousands of protest for pay armies.

No president in history has ever organized against the following president. Trump has his own intelligence officer reporting to him, analysists, it may be that he is unable to psychologically let go of the presidency. It would not surprise me if he transforms his new house to look just like the white house, it’s only 2 miles away from the real one.

These troops aim to soften the republican success for a takeover of the senate in 2020. Then to retake the white house. He will probably groom a younger proxy to take the role, rather than try to run himself.

Obamas radical agenda is nothing less than to destroy white America by opening the borders, flooding the country with H-1B and other foreign workers, and bringing the nation into an employment % that has been worse than the great depression for eight years. Running up debt is another angle that Obama used to trash America, increasing the debt from 8 trillion to 20 trillion dollars. All of those interest payments on the debt eventually lead to eventual debt. We are already at a 100% debt to GDP ratio. It would take a creative push to get us out of it, probably only by repudiating half of it as illegal.

Trump’s goal is to reverse this and re-introduce prosperity to America. So to have Obama still working to bring in naked communism is saddening. We can only hope that the Republicans wake up and call it out and send Obama packing.