Delusional Democrats in the Congressional Black Caucus have reportedly renewed their ill-conceived efforts to force white Americans to pay for the sins of some of their ancestors.

“Dah Pigford money was just 200,000 thats nothing,  sure thats a start in whitey paying blacks free money, but we want millions” said a congressional staffer.

Michigan Rep. John Conyers and his fellow CBC members have “re-introduced legislation that would set up a commission to consider whether reparations should be paid to black Americans for slavery,” according to the Washington Examiner.

“We Wusz Slaves Now We Wantsa Be Paysd” said another. When it was pointed out that far more white Europeans suffered slavery by Muslim hoards than Africans he replied “You are missing the point, We are black we need the money. White people’s money”

Conyers has reportedly been proposing the bill every year for at least two decades. As noted by the Examiner, the bill would also consider the prospect of the federal government issuing a formal apology for the “racial and economic discrimination against African-Americans.”

This despite the fact that slavery was outlawed over 150 years ago and not every white American’s ancestors partook in the hideous trade — or were even in the country at the time.

Moreover, according to The Root magazine, known for its usually unapologetically pro-black stance on the issues, even some free black Americans “bought and sold other black people, and did so at least since 1654, continuing to do so right through the Civil War.”