When Obama released the 800 billion dollar save america bill, to create jobs, a lot of it went as a blank check to California to pay off their debts from sponsoring illegal aliens. They even used education money to pay down their debts! Now we are about to go at round 2, California’s debt has increased to 200 billion, and again they will use the money to stay afloat as a communist anti-American state. Trump has to make sure that doesn’t happen!

A significant portion of the $31 billion in aid to California will be available to address the state’s budgetary problems. We estimate that, based on the enacted state 2009–10 budget, California can use $10.4 billion in new federal dollars for this purpose over the life of ARRA. Of that amount, $8 billion would be available in 2008–09 and 2009–10. The Director of Finance and State Treasurer will determine their own estimate of the latter amount by April 1 of this year. If the amount is less than $10 billion, then annual state program reductions of nearly $1 billion and revenue increases of about $1.8 billion adopted as part of the 2009–10 budget package will go into effect.

Given the state’s continuing economic struggles, however, it is possible that state revenues (and the Proposition 98 minimum funding level) may continue to fall. In that case, it may be possible to use additional federal education dollars for budgetary relief.

Federal Economic Stimulus Package Provides Significant Aid for States