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Lots of uproar over the Moslem practice of circumcising their women. Why we do it to boys all the time. The procedures are exactly similar, both are done without anesthetic, both remove thousands of nerve endings and both make sex unpleasurable.

“It is quite easy to get the clitoris hood off, but removing the clitoris itself takes more time and healing” said Dr. Mumjamba of the Dehli clinic

“It prevents the AIDS so we do it on everyone in Africa now” said another doctor

The practice has now spread to America with many expectant moms asking their doctors to perform the surgery on their daughters, but shockingly the doctors refuse.

“This is racist, misogynistic. My daughters deserve the same as my sons. How can they refuse me” said Malinga, a refugee from Somalia.

In fact, the procedure is much more harmful to men than women, without the foreskin, there is nothing to tug on the frenum to produce pleasure during intercorse.  The practice may be the reason so many men are unsatisfied with their mates and never settle down in marriage. It’s because they can’t feel anything in intercourse because of their genital modification.


Image result for female genital mutilation in america

A new medical lobby – Genital Modification for All Americans – has formed to push and lobby for free access to this life changing surgery for men and women. Even adult females may enjoy the benefits of circumcism and the HIV prevention it offers.

“It was a simple procedure. My labia healed and I was back to work in two weeks” said a woman who had undergone hood removal and labial removal. “It is no different than what I did to my boys at birth. Only I had anesthetic and they didn’t.”