It was a nice evening at the city island restaurant until chairs started flying overhead. Thats the nigghruz solution, fighting and acting like animals. Unfortunately many of the patrons still believed they were in a civilized nation, but with blacks breeding out of control on welfare and hispanics pouring in, many cities have reached the non-white tipping point making even simple things like a night out too dangerous. If it gets worse, the restaurants will close and the dark ghetto will fully emerge.

“We dons were there and I was choking on a fish giblet, den dey stars throwin the chairs!”

As CBS2’s Tracee Carrasco reported, chairs flew and punches were thrown in the all-out brawl involving nearly 40 customers, which was caught on cellphone video Thursday night inside the popular Seafood City restaurant on City Island (the Bronx, NYC)

The solution is not to yank the liquor license, the solution is to yank the nigghruz. Of course that’s illegal for the restaurant owner to do his only solution is bulletproof glass and a prayer.

fight erupts