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Their pretty green sashes became instruments of terror hurling rocks like David’s sling. Their cute pigtails became razor sharp talons as they whipped their heads sideways. Like a scene out of “when animals attack” the girl scout rage fest happened over $20 and it ended with tables of cookies ruined and scattered across the walmart entrance.

Daniel Kennedy, 18, and his 16-year-old brother, whose name was not released, were both arrested in connection with the incident. Daniel Kennedy was charged with disorderly conduct and three counts of battery. His younger brother faces disorderly conduct and one count of battery.

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The incident — much of which was captured on store video surveillance — unfolded just after 7:30 p.m. Saturday. Flagler County sheriff’s deputies described a chaotic scene that left a table flipped over and boxes of Girl Scout cookies scattered across the sidewalk outside the east entrance to Wal-Mart, 174 Cypress Pointe Parkway, according to an arrest report.

When deputies arrived, Thomas Ketchum Sr., 49, of Palm Coast was lying on his back complaining of chest pains he said he suffered during the attack. He told deputies he was recovering from open heart surgery he underwent just three days before the incident.

Kennedy, his brother and their mother, Erin, told deputies they confronted the Girl Scout team at the cookie table over $20 they said Ketchum’s daughter owed them. Ketchum’s 47-year-old wife, Lisa, and another Palm Coast woman were present, and told the Kennedy family they could not pay them. That’s when the Kennedys demanded to be paid in cookies instead.

Next time just buy the cookies… OR ELSE!