Rufus Gates Prune Head

Scrotum-Head thought he had gotten off scott-free after his armed robbery of a kids birthday party at a motel. But unlike other blacks who just look like blacks, Scrutum head had one physical feature which stood out. Needless to say, after posting the security cam pictures, it was only a few minutes before Scrotum-Head was identified.

“In many blacks, when the brain is quite small, you get these exaggerated folds of skin” said Dr. Carol Jenkins an anthropologist. “We used to call them prune heads and we think they might be the missing link to the split between white and black hominids which occurred over a million years ago”

Asked why he shaved his head if he was a scrotum head the 17 year old had no reply.

Rufus Gates, 17, was sentenced to prison for barging into a child’s birthday party and robbing someone at gunpoint at a motel in Santee, South Carolina. He made off with frosted cake, a hula hoop, and a tickle-me-elmo. In fact it was the laughter of the elmo doll which led to his arrest – “Damn smurf wouldn’t shut up!”

He pleaded guilty to the December 2015 robbery where he was assisted by Alexander Lamar Outlaw, who was earlier sentenced to ten years in prison.