The big news from Trump’s address to congress was not clapping for widows or black history month. It was his snuck in announcement that he will push for a points based merit based system of priority for legal immigration.

His hands are tied until Neil Gorsich is approved for supreme court, from producing any more executive orders. Because we can assume the 9th Circuit of SF Butt Bangers will strike them down regardless. So it’s a waiting game for that key event. Post that, if the paper doesn’t fly, then Trump is a joke and a shyster. Most needed : Action on the H-1B visa (near total REPEAL).

But a points based system for immigration similar to what Canada does is a key first step. Combine that with a EO that states that you must have at least ONE parent who is a US citizen to be granted a social security number (the CORRECT reading of the 14th amendment) and the tidal wave of low IQ brown and black Thuggees will be at least partially averted until we can do even more.