Al Ghazia’s four wives and 23 children cost England 391,000 dollars a year in welfare benefits and live in a five million dollar house for free. “We love making babies” he laughed

So the question is, will this psychotic 9th circuit judge who repealed Trumps entry ban because these failed states made it impossible to vet entrants, will this judge be responsible for the murders rapes and terrorism that these people commit? Will he pay their “rapefugee” fees to cover the money of say the Somalian woman who was let in with 10 children and will cost the tax payers MILLION of welfare dollars?

“Oh Laws we’se Saved. Gives Us The Money!” screamed a mother from sudan with 12 unfed children. “America is the greatest!” Said a 500 pound Somalian muslim woman with 8 children in tow.

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All these “seeds” will each also have 10-20 children, all also on welfare, and begin to setup Muslim enclaves and “nogo” zones just like in Paris and Brussels. Its just 20 years away. Once here, it will be impossible to get rid of them. Then rapes, stabbings, fires, riots, and the end of America will be at hand. So these few days now, and the few thousand rapefugees entering into America, will in 20 years be another 50,000 and another 20 years after that – 500,000 rapefugees. And thats just the people who have come into America in the past two weeks!

13 Children is just a start for this Somalian family. They won’t hit their stride until they have 25

The refugee system, and the legal and illegal  immigration system, is a ANTI-WHITE plan to DESTROY WHITE CHRISTIAN America. This was Obama’s Plan and they are hell bent on finishing it. In Houston this year, only 5% of births were to whites in it’s largest county. If Texas aint white any longer, the rest of America is finished. In fact, things are so bad, they’ve already won. Whole cities and States are now NON WHITE MAJORITY which means, they are a net negative of 100s of billions of dollars a year. Balance the budget? Not without balancing the savages pouring into America first.

Meanwhile, America’s best and brightest have been worked to death, taxed to exhaustion and have NO CHILDREN. Think about that. We are literally the anti-Darwin reverse evolution society and all that will be left are apes.

Are we really mentally prepared for the outcomes when we import families that only want to fuck and have as many children as possible, live on the welfare teet, and plan to destroy our society and set up their own Sharia state? Is that America? Dear God someone stop this insanity. I think this judge needs to be sent the welfare bills for ALL THESE FAMILIES and every member of the 9th circuit court and court of appeals can split the 500 million dollar a year bill and pay it out of their salaries. Aint gonna happen.

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  • from daily caller:

More than 4,300 refugees that would have been blocked by President Trump’s travel ban have resettled in the U.S. since a federal judge in Washington stopped the executive order.

President Trump’s executive order signed in late January stopped refugee entry across the board for 120 days, eliminated refugee entry from Syria indefinitely, and blocked the entry of all immigrants from seven majority-Muslim nations (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Syria).

On Feb. 3, U.S. District Judge James L. Robart ruled that the order was unconstitutional and this decision was later uphold by an appeals court. President Trump subsequently expressed dismay saying that the country’s safety is at risk due to the court’s decision.

“Our legal system is broken! ’77 percent of refugees allowed into U.S. since travel reprieve hail from seven suspect countries,’ SO DANGEROUS!” Trump tweeted a week after his executive order was blocked.

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