CNN Psycho Bitches Announce Trump’s Wiretapping is a “False Accusal” of Obama. With zero evidence to support that. TRAITOR NETWORK funded by rogue government! Why do they have only negroids on this network?

If Obama did wire tap Candidate Trump, it is grounds for his charge and arrest. Expect Sessions to be working overtime on this and reviewing the evidence. What is the case here we know the first FISA request was denied but it isn’t clear what happened in October – was there a second FISA request, was it approved, was there NO FISA request and the wire tapping proceeded awol? We have much to learn on the details. All of this depends on what is in the paper trail.

Sadly, even if this did occur, Obama will point to someone else in his cabinet who performed it and send them down the river. It will be very hard to tie this all the way up the chain of command to Obama. But if Trump has this in classified information, their first step will be to release a approved redacted document incriminating Obama. If that happens and the evidence is there, Obama is in big huge trouble. Jail time trouble. Look out Monday, sparks are going to fly.

“This is bigger than Watergate” Bill Bennett intoned. He’s right. It’s a flagrant abuse of power to favor one side in an election. For all the demohacks claims of Russian Conspiracy, this one act may be the thing that finally gets Obama escorted off to the big house. Most likely Trump has the approved FISA document signed by a judge to authorize such taps because “Russians were on the other side of the phone lines” Obviously they must be Russians somewhere right. But there were no Russians, it was all a lie, so Obama has no defense for it. Unless someone somewhere pulls up a shred of evidence from the Taps that Russians were calling Trump (they cant) then all the MSNBC and CNN statements that this is a false accusation go right out the window and as these taps are recorded and transcribed, it is a simple matter for a committee to go through and verify that there were no Russians at the other end of the line to authorize the taps.

Thats what is in play. If there were Russians, It would have been announced already. So the confidence level that Obama is in big poo is quite high even foisting it off on Loretta Lynch who will sing like a canary once facing 20 years in the big house. Obama can deny all he wants that it wasn’t his hand, and no written order will ever be found. So will this stop at Loretta Lynch? I can’t imagine a spoiled racist bitch like that not singing a long tune.