photography by Susan Walsh

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch….

There is no question that Obama sought to wiretap president elect Trump. The evidence is damning – two FISA wiretap requests. Whether ordered by his justice department or himself directly Obama bears responsibility for this.

The only question is, what evidence did Obama have to obtain the tap. What specific illegal actions that Trump took gave Obama the right to do this. If he comes up short, Obama should be walked to federal prison.

In other news apparently Trump gave Sessions hell for his recusal on the Russian ties investigation. He should not have done this without getting approval from Trump first. But it is not a bad thing altogether. But the possibility that the investigation would fall into democratic witch hunters is a problem.

Trump in a closed meeting issued his revised executive order on immigration. He should have put Saudi Arabia on the list (that will never happen) but instead removed Iraq.

It is a snails pace. But with the roadblacks a-hem I mean roadblocks from Obamas anti-Trump movement its understandable.

Now, the question is, why doesn’t Trump rescind Obamas order to distribute all intelligence to 16 agencies BEFORE the NSA vets it for distribution? It’s time to start taking action to stop the witch hunters.