Think of the audacity. You sneak under barbed wire fences, swim across a river, hike for days in a game of cat and mouse. You sneak into a country avoiding all border checkpoints. You don’t even have a visa stamp. And then. AND THEN! You go on national TV and decry how mistreated your fellow criminal invaders are. You pitch up huge sob stories – This horrible nation tried to enforce its borders LIKE EVERY OTHER NATION ON EARTH HOW HORRIBLE!

The gall of it is astounding. And why these people don’t end up immediately in cages awaiting deportation is even more so, layovers and hangovers from the Anti-White Obama years where American white guilt formed a tsunami and elected the most anti American anti middle class president in history. A foreign indonesian Muslim who was not even a citizen, of course president Mumjamba wanted to let all the invaders in, his explicit goal was to END the WHITE AMERICAN working class. And the sad truth is, unless we REVERSE COURSE he has succeeded.

They ANTI-AMERICAN Communist thugee party – aka the Demoslugs – put this bitch on the national tv broadcast implicitly ENDORSING BREAKING THE LAWS OF THE NATION. FK the democratic party FK them! FK them to death! Goddamn traitors. They should all be hung for treason!

This Anti-American hate bitch – Astrid Silva – Needs to be put in JAIL IMMEDIATELY. If I don’t pay taxes aren’t I put in jail? Why do the half Nigghruz get a free pass? Because they aren’t white? Is that fair? FK no! Round em up little doggies, ROUND EM UP! And make sure to broadcast their tears as they are dragged back home to Mexico. Oh how horrible, they have to go back home to their beds and their families. What a joke. Oh please don’t throw me into that thar briar patch. They act like being made to go home is some sort of punishment. When in reality its “Please don’t stop me from sucking off your welfare teat!” Yah well the free milk days are OVER! ARREST THE RIGHTEOUS BITCH!.

Better yet, don’t deport Astrid Silva. Trump should say “Well I had a amnesty program to help all Dreamers, but after that BITCH Astrid Silva spoke out against me with such hatred I’m canceling it. By the way she lives at 44 Uptown Drive …

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Right off the bat, Astrid Silva identifies herself as a “DREAMer” whose family came here when she was four, “looking for a better life”. She sets herself up as “representing the Democrats, the Latinos and the 11 million undocumented immigrants who are an integral part of this country and who constitute the values and the promise of the United States, and whom Trump is threatening with his mass deportation plan.”

She then declares:

The speech by President Trump that we heard moments ago was divisive and its goal is to cause fear and terror in communities across the country. This serves as evidence and notice that the plans and vision of President Trump and the Republicans go completely against our values as Democrats, as Americans and as human beings.

That’s heavy stuff, directed against a president who, remember, called her and her fellow DREAMers “exceptional kids” and “fantastic kids”.

Silva says Trump “signed executive orders that put our entire community in danger. He took actions that specifically aim to harm the immigrant community and refugees.” She speaks of “our entire community” and “the immigrant community and refugees.”

Who is this “our”? How about taking actions that aim to help the American community?

Silva goes on to say that Trump “…is spending resources to transform working families into targets for deportation. He wants to spend thousands of millions of dollars to build an unnecessary wall. And he is seeking ways to deny entry to our Muslim brothers and sisters.”

Sounds like she can identify with any group except the Historic American Nation.

Of course, she has to bash Trump’s campaign statements, saying that Trump”…has made very clear since the days of his presidential campaign that he wanted his supporters to believe that we immigrants are criminals and refugees are terrorists.”

And, shocker of shockers, Trump actually “…directed immigration officers to arrest and deport any undocumented person that they encounter, essentially legalizing racial prejudice and setting his mass deportation plan in motion.”

Isn’t it amazing how controversial it is in some circles just to enforce the law? Arresting and deporting “any undocumented person that they encounter” is actually the duty of immigration authorities—as long as they are allowed to do so, as they haven’t been for years.

Thus Silva refers to the recent case of Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, an illegal alien mother who was “arrested and deported for no reason.”[For years, immigration authorities gave this Arizona mother a pass. Now she has been deported, By Samantha Schmidt and Sarah Larimer, Washington Post, February 9, 2017] Actually, she was arrested and deported for being an illegal alien. And as she was being deported, “protesters” tried to block the van that was taking her away.

Silva emotes “Today, Guadalupe is far away from her children, who are U.S. citizens [i.e. Anchor Babies] and are an example of the great impact that Trump’s actions have over the American people in general, not only in the undocumented community.”

That’s a good reminder that we need to plug up the Anchor Baby loophole as soon as possible. Then the whole family can be deported together.

“These people”, says Silva, “must not be a target or priority of ICE.” Why not?

Silva even indulges in some standard “who-we-are-ism”, when she said “This is not the kind of country that we are.”

Who is this “we”? Yet more lectures from a foreigner telling us what to do:

President Trump is returning to the darkest times of our (sic) history, criminalizing whoever is different, pitting us against one another, and sending a mistaken message to the rest of the world, thus helping foment the anger and hatred of terrorist groups toward our country.

Yeah, I can just see it. The Al Qaeda and Islamic state terrorists are furious that Trump is detaining and deporting Mexican illegal aliens. Remember how Osama bin Laden was always ranting about Mexican illegal aliens?

Silva gets into other topics, including Obamacare, and then claims that “We immigrants and refugees are the soul and the promise of this country and we are not alone.“

Yes—another claim that “immigrants are the soul of the country”!

But not to worry, says Silva:

The Democrats have made a pledge to fight for us and for the working middle class. They are our line of defense against President Trump and the harmful policies of the Republicans in Congress, in the Senate, in the courts and in the streets.

My emphasis. “In the streets”? Is the Democratic Party, through this illegal alien spokesthing, really threatening violence—the sort we’ve already seen directed against Trump rallies during the election and this last weekend in California?

Note that Astrid Silva is a non-citizen from Mexico—where non-citizens are deported if they meddle in Mexican politics. But in the U.S. this individual is allowed to be broadcast nationally making an identity-politics appeal to an ethnic subset of the population, many of whom aren’t even here legally.