Its a stretchy full body power suit!

Image result for rubber full body condomThe new Nike Body condom that leaves only small eye holes. Yet from within, even on the hottest days, the moslem athletes will reach a new level of performance.

“My old rubber hijab was like wearing a diaper” said bi-athalon contestent FRigha Mohammade Hussein. “Now I feel like I can compete”

Made of space age materials and rumored to cost tens of thousands of dollars, the next olympics may have that gold medal holder staring back at you from behind tiny eye slits if all goes well according to Nike.

Nike said they heard the need and met it. Now it’s up to the Moslem athletes. If the West National Bi-athlon is any sign, even with their stretchy hijabs, the Moslems are still not doing very well at the races.

“It pulls into my crotch, I hate running with a giant camel toe” said Muhammadra Issan. Camel toe indeed. More like a Nike Toe! Was it worth the millions for a garb that will only sell a few hundred? We shall see we shall see.

Nike is rolling out a performance hijab for Muslim women athletes

Nike will start selling a performance hijab for Muslim women athletes starting spring 2018, according to multiple reports Tuesday.

The process of designing the “Nike Pro Hijab” took 13 months