Stall and Maul. Where are the tax cuts for the middle class? Oh it’s not a priority. When the bankers whined that they lost all their money in the gulag casinos and needed a trillion dollars, congress acted in days. This is all a game of hissy foot, waiting for Trump to get hit by a scandal and lose his gravitas so only some confusing tax bill is passed which is really no different.

Here’s an idea. If you earn < 40k you pay NO tax

If you earn 41-200k you have the option of doing a simple 15% calculation rather than the complex code

If you earn over 200k, there is a MINIMUM tax rate of 15% regardless of what you carve out

If you have business sales > 10 million, there is an alternative minimum tax of 13%. NO more zero taxes for Google.


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Thursday poured cold water on the Trump administration’s goal of completing tax reform by the August recess.

“I think finishing on tax reform will take longer,” McConnell said during a Playbook Live interview.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said late last month that the administration wants to wrap up a long-held GOP goal of overhauling the tax code before lawmakers leave for a monthlong break.
“So we are committed to pass tax reform,” he told CNBC. “We want to get this done by the August recess.”