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“what Sessions has done, is considered standard operating procedure, and if anything Trump was late making the announcement. Sessions’ request for the U.S. attorneys’ resignations comes as he prepares to implement a series of significant policy shifts at the department, pushing for tougher prosecution of gun and drug offenses and parting company with the Obama administration’s embrace of more lenient sentences for some drug convicts. ”

Where’s the Action on Clinton and the fraud foundation?

Wheres the repeal of the H-1B visa?

Where’s the investigation of the CIA drug laundering

Where’s the repeal of Obama’s last day in office EO to send transcripts of wiretaps to 16 agencies before innocent people on them were redacted?

Nope, it’s tougher drug sentences for citizens and tougher gun sentences for citizens

Oh how the Trump fraud continues as the greatest swindle in history

No tax cuts. No obama care repeal. and on and on. Oh they say it’s coming be patient. It takes six months to repeal Obamacare. NO IT DOESN’T!

No repeal of ubiquitous spying on American citizens and their phone calls and email. None!

NO repeal of the NDAA right to execute US Citizens without trial

No repeal of the patriot act.

If Trump can’t make any of these happen in TWO MONTHS what the hell good is he for? Welcome to the biggest voter swindle in American history. Next its civil war. The political process has failed we gave it 20 years.