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Yes we all know that illegal alien invaders get free pregnancy assistance and free births in hospitals. But there are enough loopholes in Obamacare that nearly ALL illegal aliens get free Medicaid. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

If an illegal alien needs surgery, they get it covered under free Medicaid.

If an illegal alien has refugee status (or pending) then they get free Medicaid.

If an illegal alien claims their spouse abuses them (which is what they do once their refugee request is denied. Note that invaders have been trained to ask for refugee status and declare themselves to border agents. They get processed and free bus tickets to anywhere in the USA).

If an illegal alien is a victim of trafficking they get free Medicaid.

Cubans and Haitains, and those that claim to be, get free Medicaid.

Under the law, those that seek care at hospitals CANNOT be asked for social security numbers.

Finally they added a Five Year waiting period for illegal aliens, but in most cases it is not applied.

So one thing that Obamacare Lite CAN DO is remove all the goodies for illegal aliens, and declare their anchor babies born here NOT US CITIZENS. The 14th Amendment makes it clear that they are not to be seen as citizens yet the social security administration grants them numbers. Trump can change this with a executive order if HE WASN’T BALL-LESS.