Somethings been bothering me. Its dinner time and then I hear it. Boom Boom Boom of a drum bigger than any Japanese ceremony. Its the backstand of a basketball court getting banged over and over by balls. There is an elementary school nearby. Why is there a full size regulation basketball court for fourth graders? It wasn’t there when I bought my house. The massive numbers of hispanics forced a school expansion and several new buildings were built. and in between a basketball court.

Wait a second, these kids are only three feet high! They can’t shoot at a regulation sized basketball hoop. We didn’t have basketball hoops until middle school and those were indoors. Because they are loud as Fuck! And as fifth and sixth graders forget it, shooting the hoop was impossible. It was just too much higher than we were. You didn’t start playing or have the strength for it until seventh grade at least.

So it begs the question yet again, what on earth was a full side basketball court doing in the schools yard?  Well you see, teacher salaries and IQs are quite low. So there were many negroid gene people working at the school and on the school board to represent the massive inflow of illegal alien hispanic invaders. We had few to any of these in our direct neighborhood, but in the outlying hoods where they came from, they were mostly negroid non whites.

And Nigghruh ball is THE black sport. They threw out all the “whitey” rules like dribbling and checking, and made it so one thug would dominate the game without teamwork. Sorry, it’s true. And decades before they did that Refs would simply call whites on rule breaking every single time yet ignore it when blacks did it. Whites got driven out of the game.

Now the NBA is 90% Nigghruhs with maybe one or two token whites on a team who are rarely allowed to play. All the white mental advantages with split decision making and teamwork have been thrown out of the game. Instead we get negro worship “omg what an incredible athlete he is” when a lot of it is simply being born 7’2”

It gets worse. Most cities have built trillion dollar stadiums TAX FREE for the billionaire owners of Niggruh ball. Look at Mark Cuban. I guess he can’t afford to pay for his own stadium. So instead of the tickets paying for stadium construction they simply go into the top players and owners pockets. Now that means Nigghrus get paid 20 million dollars a year to play the new thug ball and whites continue to attend somehow oblivious. So it’s literally whites worshiping dumb blacks as heros.

And that my dear is why 7 year old Johnny has a basketball ring at his elementary school. They wont ever say that. They wont ever tell him that. But the truth is, it’s to instill in as early of an age as possible black dominance and black worship. Don’t worship the broke unemployed engineers who create things god now. This is government – Leftist Matriarchial Jewish dominated government – it’s beyond even a communist thing. It is the last scream of people gone mad egalitarians insisting that violent low IQ savages are just the same as brilliant scientists and they jam it down our throats by having dumb ball passers earn 20 million a year all paid by tax dollars while engineers get replaced by dumb brown people from india – 8 million of them so far! Go Team! If that doesn’t drive a message into our youth that being white, inventing, and building a great society is for chumps what will? So our seven year old will start trying to throw the ball into the hoop instead of learning math. The the Feminazi-jew-pshchosociety government will insist on open borders and thousands of dollars in freebies for invaders and brown skinned people until whites are extinguished. Then the mass rapes will start and the men will get out and the white women who thought all races are just the same will find themselves in a broke third world society getting ass raped by 500 brown men and by then it will be horribly too late.

Boom the basketball hoop beats out like an endless drum – boom… Boom… BOOM. Marking our steps towards domesday. Nah I’m just racist don’t listen to me. That could never happen to 20 trillion in debt 55% of births are brown people America.