McCain called Rand Paul’s Objection to his Adding Ukraine to NATO bill, which is an act of war because of Russia’s interest in Crimea, well he said Paul is “Now Working for Vladimer Putin”

But there is an understory. Apparently McCain tried to push this three with a three person present vote in the Senate. This was not a normal through the proper channels bill. It was more of a in the dark of the night bill, thank goodness Paul works late otherwise we might be at WWIII. Was there really a chance of full on war? You Betcha. You see, at the breakup of the USSR, America promised Russia that it would NOT EXPAND NATO putting missiles at Russia’s doorstep. Remember the Cuban missile crisis? That is that but we’re on the aggressor side. The wrong side. Old anti-Russian hacks like McCain who is probably one of the most evil men on earth need to be put out to pasture where then can vent and fume on some 3′ tall grass.

McCain recently took an illegal trip to meet with ISIS and assure them that our funding would continue. He met with them in Syria. All of this needs to be investigated and charges brought.