Midtjyllands Avis writes that the young couple were asked if there was pork on their pizza, which they answered yes to. And it was apparently what triggered the brawl.

“Suddenly a Nigghruz  rushed towards the young woman and hit her in the head, so that she has subsequently lost the hearing on one ear. Right now we do not know whether it is a permanent hearing damage! He then takes a stranglehold on her and shouting that she sure as hell should not eat pork on her pizza,” writes the mother of the young man in a post on Facebook that the newspaper has seen.

Mid and West Jutland Police describe the main offender as about 175 cm high, ethnic origin other than Danish, and wearing dark clothing (aka Nigghruz). Police are also looking for four other persons who participated in the attack. So basically they are looking for a Nigghruz Muslim gang.


And then in England:

CCTV footage of a man police would like to speak to has been released after a pizza shop owner was reportedly punched in the face as he tried to stop a thief.

The alleged assault happened at Oregano Pizza, in Coventry, after two men started arguing with the staff over their order.

One of the men reached over the counter and snatched three phones belonging to members of staff, according to the police.

The owner tried to stop him from leaving the store but police say he was punched multiple times and fell backwards on to a chair causing minor injuries.

Pizza worker punched in face in row over toppings
The alleged assault happened at Oregano Pizza, in Coventry, (Photo: CCTV)

The men ran away and smashed the window by throwing one of the stolen phones at it.


An armed man was cornered by cops inside a Brooklyn bodega, where video captures an officer hitting him in the face while trying to subdue him — for stealing a slice of pizza and some oregano.

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Thomas Jennings was busted at Raslin Grocery on July 7 after he grabbed some oregano shakers and a slice of pizza from a nearby fried-chicken joint and fled.

Footage from inside the bodega shows one officer attempting to detain Jennings, when a second officer arrives on the scene and immediately starts punching him.

The aspiring hip hop [aka low IQ babboon howling into a microphone] artist suffered cuts above his eye, despite the fact that he raised both hands in surrender prior to the onslaught.

“I didn’t ever know it was coming,” Jennings told the Daily News of the punches that required five stitches to close the wound.