Here’s the basic story. Ryan met in secret with the Insurance lobby and put in all kinds of goodies for them. Including this horrible penalty if you go without insurance for more than xxx days. Ryan met with the GOP Rhinos and made sure that illegal aliens would continue to get free healthcare, both under medicaid and obozocare.

the freedom caucus said F-U and so Ryan offered to remove coverage for Abortions and Mental Health. and the freedom caucus still said F-U

Because no dems will break ranks and vote for it, the freedom caucus became pretty powerful with their 31 votes. Can you imagine if we had a america first third political party with 50 seats in congress? One can dream. It just needs one billionaire to fund it.

Ryan needs to resign the speakership stat. Guy is a cretin. To hide the bill away from others rather than invite people in, is a sign that he is crooked as hell. Worse, it’s exactly the shit the dems did to us.