The new hispanic Democratic Party president now says Trump didn’t win the election. And America is Azatlan. And no one is an illegal. Madness ensues. The democratic party is now fully the party of the Hispanics and their goal is to get all the illegals to vote, even sending new invaders gift baskets with voter registration cards.

Perez proclaimed, “Donald Trump, you don’t stand for our values… Donald Trump you didn’t win the election.”

Later in his speech, President Obama’s secretary of labor added that he doesn’t “care” if people take issue with his speech, just like how “Republicans don’t give a shit about people.”

The full shift to batwing crazy is now upon us. At least it’s clear what we are fighting – mental psychotics with no grasp of reality hell bent on seizing the southwest for Mehicanos by fighting against voter ID laws.

And with 60 Million Illegal Hispanic invaders plus the 40 million legal hispanics, they ARE the race majority, with their huge 120 million voting block beating out the 30 million blacks and the 60 million Anglo, the 30 million Germanic, the 20 million Irish and the 9 million Italian Americans.