Image result for trump golfHe’s at it again, pushing the Ryan bill. As if somehow it can be saved with a tweek. Last week Trump played Golf with Rand Paul and the rumor is they will go for a vote this friday on Obamacare Lite.

Hospitals were bankrupted by illegal aliens; and blacks with gunshot wounds in  the ER, neither of which had insurance.

So the cry to “insure everyone” rang out, driven by the HOSPITALS, and they tried to 20x charge those that did have insurance. So now a basic hospital visit which used to be 300 bucks is now 60,000 bucks. Insurance companies pay the cost onward to the consumers and raise premiums.

But the cost to do it is enormous. thousands of illegals who need high cost medical care (dialysis is 400k a year just for that) run to.  the US

BUT instead of having hard blocks from them receiving free health care, our policy is they all get free care. they just say “we got no money”

Instead, they need to be put on a plan where they pay 10% of the first 5,000 and 5% of the rest. If they feel it in their pockets they wont abuse er wards for the sniffles

BUT they just wont pay anything and pretend to be poor, when non registered papa is pouring concrete for 80k tax free a year and mama is getting free housing and welfare for her 4 kids. who are NOT american citizens based on the 14th amendment

So Trump has to make sure that he breaks THAT SCAM first, and not give out social security numbers to those that don’t ahve american parents, and make it retroactive 10 years. require “recertification” of one american parent.

it will never happen. so instead Trump plays golf with Rand Paul.