Efomama AuntJemima Thop is the first American to get accepted by all 8 Ivy League universities.

“I jus don scrawled on des papas and got all these awards”

could it be a wee little bit of affirmitive action at play? Nawww.

“Des all wansame but only one can havs me!” said the astonished teen.

Her straight A average in advanced Ebonics and Chitterlings has helped push Thop over the top!

OK she didn’t actually say these things. We don’t know what she said or what courses she took. Do we care? Since these schools give preferential admissions to blacks and jews and god knows who else thousands of times over bright europanic americans who knows if she deserved it. Somehow, I doubt it.

Harvard keeps pushing the smart white europanic kids out. In with the Nigghruz.  They probably are the most extreme anti-white university in America.