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What is the best statistic for seeing how safe a city is, whether it is growing and has a good economy or imploding?  The real key statistic for crime is the % of black and hispanic in a city. Once it hits 40% the city is on the doomed list and Europanics will flee.

At 50% black and hispanic, the city is a ghetto war zone

At 60% black and hispanic, the

city is nothing but guns, rapes, dead bodies and welfare pits

So that begs the question, why do we have dysgenic welfare policies which allow blacks and hispanics to have 4 children by the time they are 18 to get free housing and payola? Shouldn’t we change that?

Why do we allow the hispanic women to have “secret husbands” and declare themselves broke to get free housing? Yes I knkow many of them couldnt declare their husband at 14 when they were shitting out their first child, or they’d haul his 40 year old ass to prison. But then they just kept on doing it and the goodies rolled in

Question, why did the government look the other way on the 400 BILLION dollars in fake Earned Income Tax Credit filings under hispanic names and TOLD BY THEIR BOSSES TO DO SO? Even when over 40,000 went to the same address?

Question Why do Hillary and Huma get off without jail time for passing our national secrets around on unclassified networks?

Question: Why is it legal for Obama to divert income from fannie and freddie to fund ObozoCare, yet why can’t Trumpo do the same thing to fund the border wall?

Question: Was the real reason the republocats killed Obamacare to get rid of the 3.72% capital gains tax?